Cutting-Edge Technology

Global Academy (Online) proprietary Course and Learner Management System known as the University of OneTM V/Classroom (Click on the image WorldZ) and readily adaptable to an emerging online university's beginning, development and growth as shown is our first university to adopt it.  In the early years, Global Academy outsourced to colleges and training organizations a stand alone system. Today the exclusive application is included with every school's development Global Academy builds, with systems design to meet their demands now and assure growth for them into the future.  

Global Academy's Learner Management platform includes a wraparound totally integrated AI 2D/3D VR/AR immersive capabilities far beyond what is currently available today. The Global Academy provides and encourages cooperative and cohort access 24/7 to students among system users. This is not just state of the art, it is the State of the Future! 

Created entirely by Global Academy for each school,the customized design systems may not be duplicated by any other school and can and do work as an institutional stand-alone or part of multitude of other system platforms providing multiple applications on virtually all technology delivery devices.

For seasoned and inexperienced faculty alike, Global Academy  breakthrough systems are easy to use and grow to exceptional capability well beyond standard off-the-shelf programs. All Global Academy systems applications include 24/7 support, monitoring, service and training.

Integrated Technology

Cost of institutional entry is low and easy to accommodate within an institution's existing budget. This permits ease of entry and adaption to existing and planned institutional growth.

Global Academy (Online) enables faculty and administration development of courses, curriculum, training  modules and capability to effectively hammer together Global Academy's unique Patent Pending System for a unique online experience with blended flip-system capabilities for an adopting school.