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Strategic Planning

          It Takes Change to Remain Competitive

        Academic institution strategic planning is the ultimate Global blueprint for an organization's success. It takes CHANGE to remain unchanged. Pro-active CHANGE comes through Strategic Planning that recognizes a dynamic worldview constantly evolving. The Academy assists and guides education organizations through the difficult labyrinth of the Strategic Planning Process.

          The Process
        • The path to successful organization accomplishments in online education is the process. Yet, it is rarely a straight line and often strewn with hazards. To be prepared, minimize the pitfalls, and turn problems into opportunities,  a Strategic Planning Initiative needs to be present and accounted for. It enables long term survival, prosperity, and ongoing long-term success. 

          The Academy offers creative approaches and effective planning processes to achieve these ends. Organizations acquire extraordinary opportunity through preparation and successful planning guided by the Academy. 

          A Seven Point Strategic Planning Model
        • 1. Mission & Vision Statement
        • 2. Character & Values Statement
        • 3. Marketing/Business Framework
        • 4. Assessment and Audit Tools
        • 5. Fund Development Opportunities
        • 6. Scenarios for Capital Campaigns
        • 7. Practiced Stewardship at All Levels


        Other success strategies are incorporated within the framework of specific functions provided by the Academy that support and promote an organization's online growth and success beginning with the e-Education Trust MODEL. The eTrust analyzes and makes recommendations that take into consideration the financial aspects of the Strategic Planning Process including costs, funding, and sustainability through effective management of an institution's resources. 






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