About Us

Total Management Services for Online Schools


        Whether starting an online school, special college online division, or adding extensive online capabilities to a continuing education department, the Academy can assist from a complete buidout to sectional development. Academy experts provide one-of-a-kind strategic planning from the start-up to ongoing management services. 

        The Academy offers limited or full time operational management services that will help put your school on the fast track to an autonomous operation. The firm prides itself on effective and dynamic management of new and/or expanding higher educational services. n.

          Total Service Capability

        As an original and premier provider of private label curriculum and advanced online pedagogy for online colleges and universities, the Academy has a keen sense of what it takes to be successful with new online school development and as well as how to sustain and improve quality, rigor and operational efficiencies over the years. 

        The Academy is in a league of its own.  Its deployment of new online programs and systems are facilitated by the depth of resources the Academy provides through its hands-on management and leadership. 

          Installation and Delivery

        Academy management services are complete. The Academy installs, develops, and manages the entire online division or a full range of selected online programs depending on the needs of the client institutuion. In addition, the Academy also offers advanced market penetration and Public Relations. with minimal costs to foster start-up and full faculty support.

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