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Best and Worst Online Schools
    2017-18 Edition  
      rating online schools since 2003   


The 2017-18  Edition

This e-Book has been successfully published annually since 2003. Starting with the rating and ranking of the 30 known online colleges and universities, the sum total of the number of schools offering online delivery of college degree programs has ballooned to over 500 rated and the ranking of the top  20 in the world. The ranking is not for individual programs but for the overall performance of the university as an online program provider. If, it is argued they are indeed among the best in the world, the indeed have the best online degree programs regardless of the discipline. 
The mix has grown over the years to hundreds of schools and now thousands of schools are jumping on the bandwagon that many of them criticized not more than a decade ago as an inept, useless and a less than worthy way to study and acquire degrees. Not so anymore as more schools, in record numbers are being added for evaluation every day.
The Best and the oldest and considered by students, the most fair and unbiased rating of schools with complete online degree programs. Thus, examination of the traditional school offering online programs and the purely online universities are measured equally. 
Click on the link below for the latest insights into schools, trends and opportunities to continue a life long relationship with the acquisition of knowledge including the latest rankings of the top twenty, the development of MOOCs, their future, twists and turns in how institutions are trying to financially manipulate them through mini certificates and the advent of new online degree programs -- who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. It is all there.


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