The Academy established the The e-Trust in 2004 to provide integrity services to colleges, universities and eLearning organizations. The division's mission is to support Academy client organizations with credential and assessment management services to contribute the growth and enable stability of high level of student and faculty recruiting. The Key to the eTrust process is what is referred to as "The Model".

The e-Trust MODEL promotes growth among education institutions. Built around the concept that all educational institution success is directly related to the quality of the students recruited and the competency of the faculty who teach them, the e-Trust checks and balances are invaluable tools.

The eTrust frees an institution of the costly risks associated with the unknowns of  recruiting online students and the online faculty charged with their education.

The e-Trust services are restricted to client/partner institutions of the Academy who desire to manage the expansion of their online services.

The  "Model" was developed by the e-Trust for the exclusive use of the Academy's various divisions as well as  client/partners on demand.