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FACULTY Outsourcing


Global Academy Online faculty serve online organization and institutional needs for colleges, universities, eLearning institutions and training departments worldwide. 

If your school is in need of experienced online staff for one class or a complete degree program at the undergraduate or graduate level, you need look no further than the Academy to fulfill your needs.

Global Academy Online faculty are both traditional classroom and online virtual school trained. They are experts in their field, highly credentialed and experienced. They are capable of training your faculty in online course development, content development for new courses and programs and doctorally qualified to teach in the field of your choice. 

Global Academy Online instruction and course developers are at your service to provide the best eLearning professionals on a highly competitive basis. Outsourcing your needs   leads partner institutions to increase their FTE's, and assist them in establishing a polished and well deserved national and international reputation.

With Global Academy Online faculty providing your academic backbone, the future is now. The "A" Team strategically assists in the design and development of necessary internal online training protocols for faculty and administrative staff. 

Global Academy Online faculty expertise grew out of the Academy's own experience in developing totally online academic and training schools for institutions in several nations.

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