Creation Guide To Start
Online eLearning Programs

Brick and Mortar are not Required

An online university or college startup does not require brick and mortar buildings. What it does require is everything else. Shedding buildings does not mean shedding rigor, quality, or the content delivery one would receive inside a live classroom.

If your organization is considering starting a school, college or university that is fully functional in every way, then the Academy can help you build it. Through direct US local, state, and international government contacts, the Academy assists in obtaining university authorizations, licensing to hold classes and the ability to supply educational services, issue degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

In addition, the Academy lays out a clear, well defined protocol that must be undertaken to provide jurisdictionally legal, ethical, and quality education milestones in order to acquire legitimate recognitions from faculty, students, and the international education community.

Costs To Consider

  • Incorporation and Licensing 
  • Nominee and bank services
  • Offshore and/or domestic headquarters
  • Curriculum and content development
  • Delivery platform for courses and instruction
  • Retention of experienced online faculty

Virtual schools do not require a hard site but organizations determined to begin an online virtual entity, whether a K-12, college, or even corporate training organization, there are services that it would be helpful to maintain for a physical presence and a "place" of business.

Once an organization crosses the threshold to start or undertake a new school, they can never go back and start over. Plan ahead or plan to fail.

For organizations, academics and individuals contemplating establishing both an on-ground and online school, the primary consideration in the beginning should be funding availability and the initial licensing required. 

Authorization / Licensing

Under The Academy's guidance, an authorized and licensed school may conduct online classes worldwide via the Internet and be able to enroll students from every continent. Such a school may open as many branches as desired to fulfill their mission. Actual licenses may be obtained both in the USA and offshore and held by a registered corporation either domestic or foreign.

Registering an international organization may obtain for organizers important  legal and tax advantages. However, there are also drawbacks of distance and control. The positives include keeping all income from the university tax free from foreign, non resident jurisdictions. It would protect directors from errors or omissions that may be committed by  university administrators and may be more attractive to international students who would not be quite so critical of a start up higher education provider. 

Operating authorizations in some jurisdictions can take up to three years depending on the authority. The Academy fees for these services are negotiated and depend on the complexity and experience of the applicant organization and individuals. Further, applicants seeking to operate a registered and authorized university, in particular, should be prepared to have a sufficient budget in place before undertaking any online university development.

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