The Martial Arts Private Label Program        

The Academy Bachelors Degree Program Includes:

  • A study of the historical background and philosophical roots of Martial Arts.
  • A study of national cultures where Martial Arts originated, developed and spread.
  • A study of the social and cultural influences of Martial Arts
  • A study of the values and the impact upon individuals, leaders, and societies.
  • A study of at least one of the Martial Arts.

The Academy program is designed to provide the online capability of your students to earn a Black and/or Red Belt. Several Martial Arts online programs are available from the Academy to support the Martial Arts Degree program. An adopting college may desire to require the addition of another proficiency or the advancement beyond the belt rank currently held by their students or to otherwise advance to the highest level possible for them in their current discipline within the time frame allocated for the award of the Bachelors degree in Martial Arts.

An advanced degree program in Sports Management is currently under development from the Academy to support the graduate of a Martial Arts program seeking an advanced degree

Masters Degree In Martial Arts 
This is a Sports Managment Degree with emphasis on effective managment of schools the development of the Martial Arts Philosophy among students of the art.

Internship Program
A complete online internship program is provided as part of the adopted programs for both the undergraduate and graduate levels of study


Individual courses and curriculum and all lower, upper, and graduate degree programs are available exclusively online through our Powered By Global private label portals customized for your institution.