Health Sciences Private Label Programs   

Health Science study is a bulging billion dollar industry that colleges and universities are hard pressed to keep up with and often find themselves unable to take advantage of the demands for trained and skilled health professionals.

The Academy recognizes that the list of disciplines in applied science dealing with human and animal health are wide and varied. Health Science always includes both research and study as important ingredients to its successful learning model.

The Academy has chosen the two areas of the multiple fields in the health sciences that lend themselves appropriately to online delivery of quality education and rigor. These are in the specialized fields of Nursing and Gerontology.

As an institution adopts an Academy Bachelors program in Nursing, they must be prepared to provide a blended application that will involve qualified students in local training and clinical studies. At the Masters level, the Academy provides an exceptional program for practicing professionals, regardless of the physical location who have already been allied in the field and are currently practicing registered nurses.

Gerontology is a specialized arena and the Academy has a specialized Masters program especially designed for and capable of being adopted by an institution that already evidences in its lineup accredited programs in other Health Science related disciplines.


Individual courses and curriculum and all lower, upper, and graduate degree programs are available exclusively online through our 
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