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Rating Online Colleges and other Important Information

In 2003, a milestone of sorts took place in the academic world of higher education; the publication of the first ratings book of the then, better known online colleges and universities in the world. What separated them from traditional distance learning organizations was that all classes were online, not on video, or lecture notes or through telephone conversations with mentors but actually taught on line. Barely 20 schools made the initial ratings list. Today, that list has grown to over 300 and is still growing every day. Each year a new edition is published, free to the public, courtesy of Global Academy Online, Inc. provided as a public service. There is no charge for a copy.

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Click this link  for online Program Information: Over thirty questions pulled from hundreds of inquiries from students desiring to obtain an online degree or take classes online. Issues regarding employment, value of an online degree, non accredited vs. accredited, foreign vs. domestic, costs, faculty, etc.

Click this link for the 2010 Top Ten Online Schools:  Here is a list of the best online schools in the world. To uncover the nature of the ratings, order your complimentary copy of the BEST WORST in Online Degree Programs.

Click this link for Insider Tips on Spotting Diploma Mills:
  This is a series of questions that will set the record straight on what is, and what is not a "diploma mill". Many credible and some long established institutions are being sullied by alleged experts who cannot tell the difference between what is "real" and what is "Memorex".

Click this link for the World University List:
 Here is a list of every world university in the world that is licensed to offer degrees, certificates, diplomas and credentials. It is the most complete list available of licensed universities. There are thousands more universities that are not accredited or reported on.