Acquire Ethics Certification Program

The Applied Ethics Training and Certificate private-label program is particularly suited to those institutions engaged in the training of scholars, organization leaders, professional ethics practitioners, trainers, educators, managers, church pastors, lay ministers, government employees, labor union employees, and officials at any level of both the for-profit and non-profit organizations and industries.

Specialty programs may be developed branching from the main Academy program for those institutions desiring to have their graduates certified as practitioners in their particular work environment.  Such certification may be acquired through partnerships with participating academic institutions in the USA and internationally.

The basic applied ethics program requires the completion of six courses. Certificate programs require the successful completion of seven course and and an end-of-course practicum.

Contact us today for a non binding evaluation of how the Academy can design and provide an Applied Ethics Studies Program that defines your organization and purpose. All faculty in the Applied Ethics Studies curriculum are scholar practitioners who have actually honed their skills in organizational ethics.

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