Education Private Label Programs        

Higher education today is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand for quality teachers across the broad spectrum of K-12, administration and curriculum, special education, bi-lingual education, advanced placement education, science teachers, math teachers, English teachers, instructional technologists, eLearning specialists, home school development specialists, child development specialists, and on and on.

No other discipline has seen so much growth. No other discipline is so frightfully regulated by state and national requirements than the field of Education as professionals and bureaucrats across international boundaries try to improve it. 

Recognizing the demands of the public on institutions of higher learning to deliver, the Academy has designed and implemented four levels of degree distinction and created several online academic programs to facilitate each. These programs, we believe, address the needs of those institutions who desire to add new dimensions to their own existing on-ground programs as well as for those who seek to rise up to the new paradigms throughout the field of Education.


Individual courses and curriculum and all lower, upper, and graduate degree programs are available exclusively online through our 
Powered By Global private label portals customized for your institution.