e-Blackboard...Course Management Simplified

e-Blackboard is a concept site of the Academy's Powered By Global division. The site permits individuals and institutions the opportunity to create and develop course management concepts, training modules, and education courses free. Developers are able to learn through the e-Blackboard demonstration site the integration of what a public platform using web 2.0 should and ought to include to be an effective and useful teaching and/or training tool.

To access the demonstration site, CLICK HERE,  create an account and view classes. You will not be able to access them as they all have keys but the demonstration will provide you a valuable observation of what Global Academy Online's Powered By Global Division can provide to help develop a new online school, division or individual course.

The Academy's Powered by Global Division provides technical support, training, custom themes and the research and experimental development through free use of an e-Blackboard moodle based classroom to develop a course or courses.