Criminal Justice Private Label Program   

Criminal Justice of one kind or another has been around since the early 1940's. The explosion in the discipline, however, did not occur until the last two decades when law enforcement pay and prestige began to accelerate and the career impacted students world wide. Yet this is among the few academic disciplines that has a deficiency in PhD qualified faculty forcing academia to rely on seasoned practitioners, lawyers and others with degrees in fields other than Criminal Justice to teach it.

This is slowly changing. and Criminal Justice is one of the fields where Academy faculty availability does  possess a high degree of scholar practitioners who are considered among their peers to be highly qualified and well respected scholar practitioners. For this field, the Academy does not recognize the JD as a terminal degree.

The Academy's Criminal Justice private label Bachelors and Masters programs include specialized emphasis in Urban Gangs, International Criminology, Terrorism, and Homeland Security. Each of these online  programs emphasize multidisciplinarity with emphasis in:

  • criminal behavior and crime
  • law and order
  • crime organization and agency management
  • understanding change, both planned and chaotic, in criminal justice .
  • Criminal Justice in sociology, political science, psychology, business and education
  • Homeland Security


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