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             Epic Sino American Accord       

Dr.  Fred DiUlus & Venerable Abbott Shi Yngxin
CEO Dr. Fred DiUlus,, Shaolin Abbott Shi Yong Xin,

Feb 22, 2010...Global Academy Online, an inernational university builder has brought together entertainment interests in the USA and the original Shaolin Temple of Henan Province, the Peoples Republic of China into an epic license agreement to represent the Shaolin virtual media brand. The event took place at an official signing ceremony held at the 1500 year old Shaolin Temple in China on Monday, February 8, 2010.

Participating in the signing were Mr. Joseph Saulter, CEO and Founder of EARI, Mr. Fu Min, Managing General Manager of the China Songshan Shaolin Temple Culture Communication Center along with Dr. Fred DiUlus, CEO and Founder of Global Academy Online, the Acting Director of the joint venture in China and the USA, and Mr. Jonathan Eubanks, President of EARI and producer of the new Shaolin brand of education entertainment media to be known as Edutainment.

Others in attendance at the ceremony included the Abbott of the ancient Shaolin Temple society Shi Yong Xin, Shaolin Temple General Manager Zhou Bin, Deputy General Manager James Tian, along with visiting dignitaries from the Zhengzhou College of Economics (ZZCOE) and China Bridge Education Consulting Group including owner, Mr. Qiao Xin Zian, and China Team Assistant Acting Directors of the joint venture Zhang Huali and Morley Chertkoff.

Dr. Fred DiUlus,  Director of the China Team brought the historic and original Shaolin Temple and team together, first in China and then the USA in July and December 2009. the Global Academy Online China Team and the Shaolin ground breaking project has th epotential to generate 1,000 Million RMB (approximately $147 million dollars over a ten year period) annually once the project is launched with the addition of a suitable media developer.

 In addition, DiUlus points out that the income from the projects permits the Shaolin the opportunity to develop and sustain an expanding Shaolin Schools program throughout North America to encourage and provide educational resources to sustained continuous learning generated by the Shaolin brand.

According to Dr. DiUlus, the Team's education expert states that the Shaollin experiment is the technological future of all virtual, WEB 2.0, handheld, and game-box designed education protocols.

The working relationship between the Shaolin and Global Academy Online is for a period of at least 12 years in which the China Team will produce all Shaolin Temple Edutainment projects including those resulting from related media such as Shaolin Temple produced movies, made for TV production, and documentaries.

The Shaolin and Global Academy Online are engaged in an international education milestone according to Mr. Qiao, the owner of the China based Bridge Education Consulting Group and owner of ZhengZhou College of Economics, a university client of Global Academy Online and organizer of the accord. He said "The Shaolin through will bring to the world a better understanding of Chinese culture and values and a vast reservoir of knowledge acquired over 15 centuries."

Dr. DiUlus sums it up best when at the conclusion of the signing said, "The events of today in the heart of the ancient Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, the Peoples Republic of China are truly historic and open the door for the world to see, understand, and appreciate the great values and mystique that has been contributed by the Shaolin to the world."