The Billion Dollar Project® is an international philanthropic undertaking to spread knowledge acquisition to the third world without cost to the recipients. This is the only kind of donation the Project expects from its volunteer individuals and organizations.

Originally envisioned  over 30 years ago, the Billion Dollar Project® was designed by its
creator and the organization that created the Academy as an outreach to overcome poverty, hunger, and ignorance in the world. It was, from its very existance conceived as a global project that could harness the power of technology to spread rapid acquisition of knowledge for those it was least available, anywhere in the world, even in the USA. With the thought that if the Project could accomplish this, it could do wonders never imagined. 

Unfortunately, the reality in 1977 was that a PC cost at least $10,000 and there was no Internet outside of Academia and the Government and the World Wide Web for the general masses and high speed Internet were years away. The creator's hope was that someday the dream would eventually bear fruit

Technology has caught up and coupled with today's World Wide Web and Internet education and program development launching the project, it has been said, "... just kind of ka-chinged into place.”

              Thirty Years in the Making                

The Academy, its resources and its associated professionals are dedicated to  blotting out ignorance as far and as wide as humanly possible.

There is an old saying, popularized in modern times by Ralph Waldo Emerson but uttered first, it is said, by the ancient Chinese sage, Confucius --- "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime." Human beings have been trying for generations to find the key that fulfills this prophesy. 

Many have known from the dawn of Man that it is education and the acquisition of knowledge that is the key. Now, we have the technology and the tools to deliver the means to cast off the shakles of ignorance anywhere and everywhere, anytime, night or day.

Things You Can Do

1. If you can teach, the BDP has a way for you to put your knowledge online and teach online at no cost to you except for your time and talent.

2. If you can train in anything from bricklaying to electrical work to fishing,
Astronomy to Zoology,we have a way for you to put your knowledge online and train online at no cost to you. 

3. If you can teach other other experts how to educate; you can do it online and we can help you find a way to get what you have to offer everywhere.