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I'm Dr. Fred DiUlus - BS, MBA, PhD, Grand PhD(hon), Lifetime Professor(hon). For more detailed information regarding my experience, please refer to www.FredDiUlus.info   
My colleagues and I created Global Academy Online out of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Free Enterprise and grew it into being a premier international leader and pioneer in the exploding development of start-up online and hybrid colleges and universities. Our scope and reach is global. Our journey has taken from creative cutting edge technology to developing advanced education programs for a 1500 year old Chinese religious organization along with major contributions to the advent of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Over the past decade we have seen the validation of online education and we are proud to be among a mere handful of service provider institutions that brings seamless upgrades to online 21st century state-of-the-art course management systems. We provide organizations and individuals the opportunity to create a hybrid university from the ground up and today, especially, the field of education has no room for the timid. The field of education is making way for global providers. We see the future clearly and are proud to be part of the revolution and transformation of education at all levels to both help eliminate ignorance and poverty in the world.